Here is the review of the top three enhancement pillsmaking headlines this year

What are male enhancement pills? Male enhancement pills are a concoction of all the ingredients that help the person in improving his chances of quick erection, better production of semen and give him enough energy to last through the sex session with energy and vitality.

Men love to last longer in bed: It is the characteristic nature of men to be competitive and be the best in whatever they do. Obviously even their sexual life which is very important to them warrants that they be exceedingly good and that they also play their part to perfection. Most of all they love to last longer in bed and to give the woman next to them the most pleasurable moments of her life.

Somewhere subconsciously men think that only when they have a longer and a larger penis can they give a great sexual performance and make the woman happy. While there may be slight truth in this premise, still it is not the only reason that men can get compliments in the bedroom. A lot of his performance is dependent on other factors such as his confidence, his attractive power or charisma and his attitude towards the woman next to him.

There is a general perception that pills do not work: A lot of people think that enhancement pills are not effective and that they are only eye wash and media’s way to try and get gullible men to believe that when they take the pill, they can perform better.

If you are one of them, listen up. Penis enhancement pills do work and how! There is one thing about believing blindly that a product works for you and there is another where you do enough research on the product that helps to make an informed choice whether the product will actually work for you. Different products work differently for different people. So, if the pills were not effective enough for you, it just does not mean that they are hyped! May be some other products will help you harden up quickly.


A lot of research and analysis can finally help you to make an informed choice. Here is the result of the analysis done by us which talks about the best pills of the current year.

  • Max performer
  • VigRX Plus
  • Male Extra

Let us review all the products one by one.

Max Performer

This one of a kind potent enhancement pill is made of such powerful ingredients that you can never ever be wrong in your decision to have opted for it. ingredients such as horny goat weed which is an essential compound in the pill is responsible for the inhibitive releases of PDE5 which in turn endures good flow of the blood to the penis assuring of quicker and longer erections and erections that can last very long.

The pill is also believed to increase the overall circulation in the body and to improve the nerve simulation and increase the testosterone levels in the body to great heights.

People who have tried and tested Max Performer are hooked to the product because it has delivered its promises and therefore you can be assured of guaranteed results too.

VigRX Plus

This name is a close second when it comes to the top three in male enhancement pills. The success rate is impressive at 97%. Most men who have tried the pills say that it gives them the energy to pursue even sexual orgy which was even a distant dream for them. they can now not only last long enough in bed but are able to give the women they love pleasurable moments and best of the times together without worrying about fatigue or premature ejaculation.

The best part about this pill is that one does not need to take them before sex and then anticipate for the best to happen. Instead, the person must take two tabs daily for a month for the results to show. In a month’s time, the ingredients in the pills will assimilate into the body and help him have great libido and guaranteed for awesome performance behind the doors!

Male extra

Another trustworthy name when you want to perform the very best. This pill has been around for almost a decade and helping men to satisfy themselves and their love interests. It is important that the blood flow to the penis is very quick and the more the amount of blood flow there the quicker you get an erection and longer you can stay erect. The ingredients in the pill are all natural and they are potent towards the end. The pill helps in widening the tissues around the penis so that more blood can flow into them and in turn you also feel energetic and revitalized.